Beware "Euromillion Lottery International" Lottery Scam

by Tim Saul

Watch out for a letter through your door purporting to have come from "Euromillion Lottery International". This appears to be a lottery scam which attempts to obtain your personal details and bank account information in return for a tempting cash prize which you will probably never receive.

The address shown on the letter is 138-142 Oxford Street, London WD1 1LY. The postcode is incorrect for this location and the letter and accompanying "Lottery Payment Processing Form" are printed on cheap quality paper on an ink-jet printer.

If you receive one of these, put it through the shredder!

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Thomas Brockman says

I got the letter as mentioned, it looked a bit fishy since if I had won £500,000 I am certain I would have received an email from Camelot and any forms or correspondence would have arrived registered post or special delivery and require a signature. Who in their right mind would expect to pay out this kind of money with out some security that they had the right person.


Indira Pole: I received a second class envelope containing a cheap paper form and a covering letter from Euromillion lottery International stating the win of £500,000.00 which must be claimed within 3 days. The form asked for my personal and banking detail to be sent urgently by a fax to the Bond Secuirity company at 020 769 17330. Interestingly I have never played lottery of any kind!.

Malcolm Lewis says

I have had one of these letters exactly as you say the address is identical and there was a phone number and a contact name. I rang the number and he asked me to send £780.00 insurance money. I then felt suspicious and phoned the police but they can not do anything. I then looked on the internet and found this page. Well done, keep up the good work and keep trying to catch this form of low life.

Zonera Sayed says

I have also received the same letter today telling me that I have won £800,000.00. The numbers on the letter are 02033183789, 08009176678 and 07990954140. This is a scam so please don't send any details.

michael horn says

I have had one of these letters today, where do they get our address from and how can we stop them, it appears that the police don't want to know about it. Who is dr k royce and dr d b kitt and finally prof r page is there no room in British jails for people like this.

Shirley Thorpe says

Unfortunately my father found out too late that he had been scammed to the tune of 10K. An 80 year old with no savings, just trying to do a good deed for his children. He has now to pay back the money borrowed from his HSBC credit card. He'll probably not live long enough to reimburse them. In his twilight years he's having to scrimp and scrape yet again. These people who prey on the vulnerable want hanging!

Shelley Sim says

I also received one of these letters today saying I had won £800,000. I thought it might have been a scam so checked online and found this page. I have also sent emails to all my contacts warning them about it.

Alison Spring says

My 82 year old mother received one 12.8.09 in Highland Region and rang me in Edinburgh with the 'good news'. It also said (not exact wording) that the aim was to benefit communities and it was hoped that she would put the winnings to good use to benefit others in the community, charities. To contact John Pedro at same address as above. It was very believable and is despicable. Many thanks for posting the warning.

Patricia Jones says

I have today 18.8.09 received this letter, same address, telling me I have won 225,000 pounds, telling me to contact Anthony Stan of UK Bonds Security Company Tel. 0203 318 4882/ 0755 243 9242 FAX 0207 504 8132 to begin my claims, to be claimed not later than 10.9.09. The letter also enclosed a payment processing form asking for my bank details, I was immediately suspicious as I have never bought a lottery ticket and checked up. Why can't the authorities catch these people. I am a 72 year old pensioner. Thanks for running this page. Patricia Jones.

Brian Pereira says

Letter received today 20/08/09 from Euromillion Lottery International. Details are very similar to those given above by Tim Saul. Clearly a scam. There seems to be no way to discourage these letters etc except to make everyone aware with advice to stay clear.

Susan Leal says

Today 02/09/09 I received a letter from Euromillion Lottery International saying I had won £500,000 and that I was to send by fax my personal details, next of kin details and bank details to 02077859007. I decided to check this out and thank you for this site as I was rather suspicious and the above comments have confirmed my gut feelings. The other numbers to phone were 02030869788 and 02070602025. Please do not send any personal and bank details to these rogues otherwise you will seriously regret it. Keep this site going.
Sue Leal

m hyatt says

mha.....i have received same letter today through second class post. i inever played euro lottery, i dont know where they got my home address. the conact numbers on the letter are 02030869788/02070600506 and 07943253477.

Susan Hanlon says

My parents have received this letter yesterday and were excited at the prospect of winning such a substantial amount at this late stage in their life. I am appalled that this malicious fraud can be allowed. Fax no 08701363199 direct phone 07810792012 office phone 020 7060 0562. Thanks to your site I have been able to stop my parents being victims of this crime.

Graham Hanna says

Chances are that if you have not entered a draw or lottery etc you are not going to win any amount of money or goods! These scumbags would rob their own granny! They should travel at high speed and perform a 'u turn' to disappear where the sun does not shine!

Jonathan Castro says

I got the £800,000 letter as well, entitled "Final Award Notification". The postmark on the envelope is Watford, 3.34pm 33101324 (a postal ID number?). Maybe the post office together with the police should try tracking these people down.

Ian Hanna says

I'm the lucky winner of 500,000. Thank God for the internet and web sites like this. Why can't the Police do anything with these criminals. If I got my hands on them they wouldn't do it again. Preying on the vunerable and the old.

Thelma Ahmed says

I received a letter on 14.09.09 telling me I had won £800,000 from these people with an address on United Nations Plaza in New York. I telephoned my "claims agent" a Tom Jackson who sounded West Indian and said he was in New York. I asked him to phone back as I didn't want to spend money on long distance phone call. I did NOT give him my phone number but he phoned back the next morning at 7am UK time (2 am New York) asking for my bank details and where to electronically transfer the money. I asked him to send a cheque and he agreed. I, of course, am still waiting for it. It's so obviously a scam. Thelma Ahmed

Ari Amin says

i have received a letter that i had won £800,000 from euromillion lottery international sined (copy) by Kelly Royce. this has to stop as might some vulranable peoplebelive in it. well done guys for exchanging information,as i am happy now to tear the letter with no wondring if it was true or not. Ari Amin

musarat begum says

Yeh my husband recieved a letter today 2nd class post stating that he has won £800,000 and that we should fax it as soon as possible.

I knew it was too good to be true, so I got my son too check it on Google and what a suprise.

Mrs Begum

Anonymous Anonymous says

I have also received a letter second class post stating I have won £800.000. I also spoke to a Mr Tom Jackson and refused to give my bank details. His number was 001 202 464 2568 and he also had sent a payment processing form with the number 02070602713. He confirmed my addres and phone number details with me and then said he was going to send a cheque via courier. To check this out I called the 0207 no. (above) and this person sounded suspiciously like the notorious Mr Jackson. Thank goodness for this website!!

Fatima Mohamed says

I received the same letter saying I have won £8000,000.00! You would know what competitions you have entered so best to be aware of these scams. My heart goes out to the elderly gentleman, he's having to scrimp and scrape at his age for these rotton people who have put him in this position! The cheap paper has the logo of euro millions - wonder if they know??

Jeet Chahal says

I received a letter today (13/10/09) from Euromillion Lottery International giving their address as; 4-7 Oxford Street East, London W1C 2HP. I know that central London is WC1 not W1C. I also had a form attached stating UK Bonds Security Company with an address in Canary Wharf. How did they get my name and address?? I feel so sorry for the elderly people who are scammed as they have no real chance of paying off their debts.

Jeet Chahal says

I received a letter today (13/10/09) from Euromillion Lottery International giving their address as; 4-7 Oxford Street East, London W1C 2HP. I know that central London is WC1 not W1C. I also had a form attached stating UK Bonds Security Company with an address in Canary Wharf. How did they get my name and address?? I feel so sorry for the elderly people who are scammed as they have no real chance of paying off their debts.



khaney khan says

I had a letter this morning .Euromillion lottery international was giving me 800.000.00 pounds . ITS A SCAM The new phone number are 02033183779 Direct line 07899004834 fax 02071132107 .Please do not fall for this scam .Nobody wins money of Bernard santos manager of MICRO FINANCE SECURITY COMPANY.

Julia roberts says

I had a letter this morning 15/10/09 by 2nd class post and cheap paper, from Euromillion lottery international with Ladbrokes security company as the agents. Saying I have won £500,000.00. Address Gerrard st, Chinatown, London W1D 5QQ Tele 0207 0600 919 or 07538593869 fax 0207 6811094 President Dr Kelly Royce with other names Dr D B Kit and Prof R Page. SCAM!!!, SCAM!!!, SCAM!!!!

colin evans says

I don't understand why the police say they can do nothing. Surely it is a criminal offence - attempting to obtain money by deception. And, in the case of the elderly gentleman who lost £10,000 the police should investigate thoroughly. Perhaps if we all complained to the Home Office we might get a response.

Christine Williams (they used my old name!) says

Mine has just arrived today 15/10/09 but this time from a Spanish agency in Madrid and with an 0034 telephone number. I wish it could be true but I have never brought a Spanish lottery ticket and if I did I would never have given my address in the UK. I found it rather funny that the postmark on the front of the envelope advertises an International Identity Fraud Week - this week! And it was posted in UK.

Glenys Lewis says

My husband also received a letter advising that he had won £250,000 with a file number quoted. It stated that it was part of a total cash prize of Forty Five Million pounds shared among the first 200 lucky winners. Thank goodness we have the internet as my husband would probably have rang the number as it quoted a name of Mr Daniel Williams the Foreign Service manager of UK Security Solutions and tel. 0203-318-4784. How brazen these people are as they make it sound so convincing as they do not quote telephone cost as some letters do. I hope they can be caught somehow and these 'tricks' are stopped as I am sure someone without a computer could be vulnerable.

Sam Smith says

I have received a letter from Euromillion Lottery International. Address 4-7 Oxford Street, W1C 2HP. It has an audit control number, I.D number, a reference number and a batch number. It has little coloured pictures of the winning Lottery balls and, at the bottom, three coloured pictures of people - Dr. K Royce (Black male), Dr. D.B Kit (White male) and Prof. R Page (White female). It is advising me that I have won £225 000 sterling, part of 45 million. There are telephone numbers and fax numbers, and I must reply (to Stan) by 13 Nov with all my personal details, bank details and next of kin details to a UK Bonds Security Company - 1 Canada Square Canary Wharf, E14 5AB. It said I have won this off the back of 'the draw of Euro Millions Lottery 2010 World Cup Bid Lottery Award International program held in Zurich, Switzerland.' I don't know what this means, I don't play the lottery never mind a world cup lottery. I am forwarding thisa letter to the police, although I'm not sure it will do any good.

Anne Tober says

My letter arrived yesterday, and was the same as Sam's and then i looked on the internet, so yes thanks for this information sharing letter will be going to the police too.......

Colin Jacobs says

I recieved the same letteras Sam in Dorset will take to the Police & warn a local magazine for elderly people in our local area without internet acess! thank-you for all your warnings these paople should be behind bars for a long time!!
Colin Jacobs

Anthony Dekenah says

My wife received one of these. They had her name and address and she had bought tickets around the same time for Euromillions. Luckily I'm synical so didn't get too excited. No emails confirming win either. The letter (with a 2nd class stamp) had 'Watford' stamped on it and the address given was 4-7 Oxford Street East, London, W1C 2HP. Hope there's a Hell for these guys to end up in.

Leona Smith says

My parents were told they had won the euro millions last weekend. The amount they had won was 225,000.00 pounds. We were all so happy and excited and started thinking about ways we could spend it, things we had never dared to buy. We received a letter with the title EuroMillions Lottery International and we had to contact Anthony Stan. We contacted the man called Anthony Stan and he confirmed that they had won but their company will be taking a 10% cut from the winnings. We had to send a fax to the address in London:
4- 7 Oxford Street East, London W1C 2HP
At the time we thought it strange that the winnings weren't showing on the official website and the phone call was a little informal because you would think that a company that important would have a answering system or a secretary answering.
By the end of the weekend we were told to call him and confirm the fax and account details. My dad called him and everything went well. He was told the funds could be in his account by early afternoon. We were told the funds were in a Spanish account and that our bank manager would call within two hours. We had to call a man named David Punto and pay 2999 pounds to activate the account before any funds could be withdrawn. What made my parents suspicious was that they asked for the money to be withdrawn from my dad's account and that we had to pay them with cash through the post office. This is when my dad realised we were being scammed and he called to confront Anthony Stan. All he got in return was the phone slammed in his ear!

Warning signs:
A real letter from the lottery would be delivered by a courier to be signed, not through the mail box with a second class stamp.
If you have Norton you could try to block the account page from the Santander Espana bank which supposedly held our funds.

Never pay someone you don't know with cash, ask for a wire transfer.

mohammed ismail says

LOLOLOL I RECEIVED A LETTER TODAY 21st oct 2009 i knew it was a scam but still typed it into google to see how many ppl had or have received the same bull from the same scammers and it was nice to see that they are not only trying to scam me but an untold number of other ppl, i fell sorry for ppl who have lost money to these crooks but allways remember you are not going to win anything u havnt joined and no one in their right mind should think they will win anything from such deviants

Stephen McCart says

My wife received one of these letters today and I was immediately suspicious, Googled Dr K Royce and was sent to your site where my suspicions were confirmed. Keep up the good work as these scum will catch some very vulnerable people out.
Stephen McCart

stuart gaines says

These people are scum bag vultures preying on the innocent

Kimbrerly Callies says

this is a brilliant site. we got one of these letters. i suspect it is an updated version of the 419 scam. i bet the fraudsters are checking this site and thinking of ways of improving their scum of the earth ways. i hope the police take this seriously and track them down. yes if something is too good to be true then it is so. don't be scammed!

Louise Vermeulen says

I received one of these letters today 24/10/09 and it was exactly the same as Sam Smith and Anne Tober's above. Knew it was too good to be true and just want to thank everybody who has the good sense to check it out on the internet and leave clear warnings to everybody. Wish there was a way that we could warn those poor people who don't have a computer. You'd think they'd publicise something like this.

Alan Murphy says

I also received one of these letters today, 27/10/09, with a Mount Pleasant postmark.

Having been sent one of these in the past I knew exactly what it was and immediately googled the lottery name and found myself on this site. Keep up the good work.

I also cannot understand why the police cannot get themselves involved as the scum involved in these scams are preying on the most vulnerable in our society and as far as I am concerned they are attempting to obtain money by deception.

Surely even these days, when the criminal is treated better than the victim, the police should be getting their finger out.

samantha wilkinson says

Yep - another 'winner' here!! I smelt a rat straight away - but isn't the internet great for finding out straight away!! Thanks for this!!

johanna morre says

Yippeeeeeee - I have won a massive £225,000.00 OH MY GAWD! lol - Good old Dr K Royce, Dr DB Kit And Prof R Page - they are so generous! Not received a scam like this before so i was intrigued, especially as i hadn't entered any lottery recently, so I was pleased to type it in to Google and up came this page. I'll know not to get excited next time false winnings come through the door!

James fragola says

My mom just got a letter from these creeps but the address said Tolpits lane, Watford, Herts UK. She never entered any euro lottery and hasnt been to the UK in years..these creeps are scamming seniors in NY! So be careful

Pieter de Vries says

Received a letter today from 101 Wigmore street with notification of winning £225,000.00 and the usual bull and a contact name of Mr Daniel Williams and signed by Kelly Royce. This letter was addressed to my late wife who died almost 5 years ago. You can imagine my sentiments towards these b******s!. BEWARE!!

Tracy Barre says

I have received a letter today 30/10/09 the same as above. I thought it was to good to be true. 2nd class post and a cheap photo copy. When a lottery ticket is bought even if you won they would not know your name and address until you contact them they would only know what area it was sold in. I was very grateful for this web site to confirm my suspicions.

Sheikh Ahmed says

I have recieved a letter from Euro Million saying that i have won it and the cash prize was 500,000 pounds i phoned up a person called Mr Stephen Johnson he told me to fill in the form behind the letter and then send it, i wasn't very sure so i checked on the internet who the winners of the lottery were and what day it was drawn none of those dates seemed to match with the one i had on my letter thanks to this site i survived from losing a lot of information if you get a letter from a person called Kelly Royce, Dr.D.B Kit and Dr.R.Page and it has something to do with money then you know what to do throw it in the bin its a scam. i found it with a 2nd class post saying i won. this site has saved my from losing evrything that i have got.

laura leggett says

My mother recieved one of these letters saying she had won 8000,000,00 pounds. My mother is elderly and confused but luckly she had left the letter on her sideboard so i got to see it first, she has already been ripped off in the past .. these people are the lowest of the low..

sally adams says

I feel quite hard done by. They only offferd me £225,000! The letter was dated 26th October and although posted in London, the address was an Edinburgh address and the telephone number appears to a be a Glasgow one. They are moving around. Perhaps somebody is now after them.

Joanna Hall says

Outrageous. This was sent to my student daughter who could easily been tempted. Thank God for the internet.

charlotte Wilson says

My congratulatory letter arrived on Sat. I felt uneasy about it and your site confirmed my suspicions. Thank you. Hopefully no one has fallen for this scam. Charlotte

R B says

Had one too ! Thought it a bit odd as I don't play the lottery! Plus the paper and printing including grammar pretty crap!!
Went to open a brand new account at another bank so there was no tampering with my own account, but bailed out to check online first AND here you all are!!!

Andrea Feenstra says

I received one today 03/11/09 for £225.000 a share of 45.000,000 address given as Wigmore ST L1U and post mark Mount Pleasant. Daniel Williams manager and signed by Kelly Royce. I knew straight away it was a scam, if anyone wants Bank details alarm bells should sound.

martin m says

Received a letter saying I had won 500,000. I was to fill in the form on the back and fax it to a Mr Stephen Johnson. It was only when I decided to look the company up to see if it was legitimate that I found this site. So thanks you saved my money. Keep up the good work!

Christine Foster says

I have had the same letter today 03.11.09 the telephone number is:0800-917-8964. I think I know how they get our addresses. I have never bought a lottery ticket but The Daily Mail gave Euro millions tickets away free with this Saturday's paper. I went online to check my numbers and today I received a letter from the scammers. It seems obvious that they got my information online. Christine F


I have also redeived a letter today 03.11.09 telephone number 0800-917-8964 address 4-7 OXFORD STREET saying I HAD WON £225,000 YEH RIGHT this also had a watford postmark and sent second class.Obviousley when checking on line to see who they were surprise surprise I found your site yet another scam

Barbara Maher says

Received my letter today, 4.11.09. saying I had won half a million pounds. Wasn't in the slightest bit excited when I saw the quality of the paper and the fact that the envelope bore a 2nd class stamp. Why is everyone so surprised that the police are unable to do anything about it? They haven't time to deal with real crime as they are too busy dealing with parking infringements and making sure that babies in pushchairs don't drop crisps on the pavements.
Barbara Maher

Laura J says

I've got this letter today (4the November 2009) and am passing it on to Trading Standards. These nitwits claim to have offices at 1, Canada Square and they send a cheap paper in a cheap envelope with a 2nd class stamp. I Googled their phone number and found this web page. Thanks.

Antonio Dias says

What has the world come to? Scumbags all over trying to rip the elderly and the innocent! It is disgusting to learn some ppl actually paid money to these guys. The police should in the very least attempt to recover the money for those who were scammed. Surely BT will have a record of some kind for the person who owns the phone numbers on these letters.
I received one of these letters today and I just laughed. £500,000.00 and they let you know in a 2nd class mailed letter? Please keep this page going, I found it via search engines and the best way to ensure it keeps being found is to write your comments here. Shame the police are too busy hiding in the bush to catch you speeding on your way to work... simply shameful!

Jennifer van Dijken says

We have also rec'd a letter today 04/11/09, saying we had won £225,000.00 and as it was in my husband's name, we new for a fact that it would not have been him, as he has never in his life purchased any lottery tickets. What a bunch of criminals these people are. I only wish the police would be more pro-active and then less people would be taken in. J van Dijken


I have also had this letter, come on the great British public lets get together and sort these criminal people out. Looks like nobody else wants to. Why can't the post office or phone people shut them down ?????????

Kevin Loosemore says

I received a letter today stating that I had won £875,000. The details on the letter were from an address called Charlton & co, Security and Bonds Company, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, E14 5AB, London. Telephone numbers were 0845 6532168/07811235933. I called the last number and spoke to someone with a distinct African accent who said he was working for a Spanish Company promoting the lottery. Tried Googling the company and adress, it doesn't exist!!

lynn rogers says

I wonder if they are using old mailing lists. I opened a letter to my son by mistake as it is years since he lived here and no mail ever comes here now. ~For about a tenth of a millisecond I got quite excited, thinking he could keep his Mum in her old age but quickly realised that no real lottery organisation would ever act like this. The address on this one was Edinburgh and the good doctor (they have rather a lot don't they?) to contact is Dr Phillip Adam. He was also advised to keep it secret as the program is subject to UNWARRANTED ABUSE BY UNSCRUPULOUS PEOPLE. I wonder who they are referring to. Needless to say my son has never bought a lottery ticket. The letter enclosed a payment processing form requesting bank details to be sent to an address in Spain. Keep up the good work in warning people about these low-lifes. There are a lot of vulnerable people out there.

Helen Watson says

My son received a letter today (9th Nov 09) claiming he had won the EURO MILLIONS LOTTERY 2010 WORLD CUP BID LOTTERY. He's only 19 so could have easily been fooled. I checked the internet and uncovered the scam. He's gutted as he nearly had it spent - new car, investments and he was giving some to me!!!!!! Oh well ................... please please let your children know about this scam. It's the young, the elderley and the vulnerable who fall for these things.

patricia ann morgan says

I received one of these letters in the post this morning, looks ok but you know the old saying" if it looksto good to be true beware" I shall be warning all the old people in my street to be carefu as they are the ones at risk.

Bridget Phillips says

My Dad received this letter today and was initially keen for me to fax it back. I could tell it was a scam straight away but had to give my Dad the benefit of the doubt and checked the Euro Millions and UK bonds on the website. This site is so useful - thank you for setting this up.

Susan Brown says

My husband received a letter today 10th Nov saying he had won £225,000. Thank goodness we checked the websites for scams and found this one. Letter was from Kelly Royce, posted in London, phone in Glasgow with an Edinburgh address. Was excited for a minute but never mind, money isn't everything. Sue Brown , London

Bridget Phillips says

My Dad received this letter today and brought it round for me to look at and hopefully fax off for him in the morning. I knew it would be a scam but had to check the web for details. Luckily this site was perfect and provided lots of evidence for my Dad to realise he hadnt won lots of money. Can't believe they enjoy taking money off people. disgusting

Iain Smith says

11-11-09 Same letter rec'd from E.L.I. Please can someone get news paper headlines on this bag of scum. I was suspicious of the 2nd class stamp and the poor spelling and the cheap paper. Thank goodness I stumbled on your site you have just committed the letter to the shredder.Many thanks.

graham parker says

Update i have recieved the same leter today it is a scam scam scam scam avoid at all costs any strange lettter asking for bank details should be shredded i have reported it to trading standards

Kader Mohideen says

I received letter from said Euromillion, Lottery International for £800,000. The address 138-142 Oxford Street, London W1D 1LY. The telephone numbers are 0203 318 3815 Direct Line 0782 467 0518 Fax 0207 900 2384. The three names were Robert Jones, Dr D B Kit and Prof K. Royce. Be careful.

Tommy McGuirk says

My wife received a letter saying she had won over 800.000 euro
We had to ring Daniel Maku of mapere seguros s.a tel 0034634038160
or email
Sarah from Dublin

Jo Silvester says

Also received letter today and knew straight away to check it out on the net!
We should be doing something about this scam.... I will be ringing up today and will be very compliant excited and keen - until they ask for my bank details! I will ask them to send my winnings via my local council offices and possibly ask them for a photo of themselves to send to our local papers as they are doing such a good job 'helping the community!!!'
I suggest we all do the same and stop this scam!

Ian M says

These sort of scams have been publicised over and over - why do people still fall for them? Big problem is that they are not in the UK, may even be based in Africa with telephone numbers - despite what the papers claim RIPA has reduced or restricted council trading standards powers. Also there are only 4000 TS officers in the UK , about one for every 1200 businesses or 1 for every 13,000 of the population - they tend to get a bit tied up

R Allen says

My letter is dated 13/11/09. Interesting that the address of 153-155 Regent Street, London. W1B 4JE is that of the phone directory company 118118. The address on the 'Fund Release Order Form'- 1 Victoria Street, E98 1SN is that of The SUN newspaper- NewsInternational. Possible there's a bent employee at 118118 who lives in Watford, setting up duff telephone numbers & running his little scam.

Tony Cauchi says

My wife received a 'Final Award Notification' stating that she had won £800,000 in a computer ballot lottery. If only! The presentation was poor and unconvincing immediately causing us to be more than skeptical! She was given the option of a straight check or, if she included all bank details, an electronic transfer. Not likely, we thought!

The letter was dated 13/11/2009, so the law has obviously not caught up with them yet to expose this scam. Isn't there anything we can do?

Richard Railton says

Received my 'final award notification' today telling me I have won £800,000, it all looked very dodgy, from the 2nd class stamp to the cheaply copied forms, found this site and how helpful it is. Feel sorry for elderly people who fall into this trap, the scum who operates this con should be sent to me for a couple of hours after which his scamming days would be over! Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Giannina Vassallo says

Yes, that's exactly what i noticed yesterday, when i also recieved one of these letters. It was the 2nd class stamp and spelling mistakes that made me suspicous, although , the fact that i don't enter lotteries made me weary too. Thanks to this web site i don't have to even make any of the phone calls they ask you to do in order to start the claim off....Thank you!!

Donny Joe says

I am from Slovenia, and got one myself (sent 9.11.2009 from Mount Pleasant, rcvd 12.11.2009). Green 56p stamp. "Euromillion Lottery International" ... I don't remember participating in anything like this... The address stated is 4-7 Oxford street east, London W1C 2HP, uk. Well I Googled it up and W1C 2HP corresponds to Oxford street 311 (Tesco Stores !!) .... It says I shall contact ANTHONY STAN (UK BONDS SECURITY COMPANY) tel: +44-800-917-2393 / +44-755-243-9242 FAX +44-203-070-0062. SIGNED BY KELLY ROYCE. There are two other blokes Dr D.B. Kit , Prof R.Page on the page... SCAM SCAM SCAM....

Emma Tanti says

Another "final award notification" for £800,000. Letter says should contact Micheal Day - UK Bond Security Company 02030869810 and fax personal details form to 02087115813 - Canary Wharf E14 5AB address? Thanks for the warnings, guessed it was too good to be true!

Lotib Ali says

Ali I have recieved a letter saying i have won 8000.000.00 pound from 134-142 oxford street london W1D 1LY. United Kingdom.Thank God i have search the internet and found out the truth, they were asking me to pay £180.00 for postal and delivery charge i new something fishy going on, so beware of those letter coming through your door.

Adam Ahmed says

I have also received a letter from Euromillion Lottery International. It asked me to phone Mr Michael Day, so I did and the first thing he said is "Hello£ i found this odd. In a professional environment they normal mention the name of the Company, which he didn't. He asked me to fill in the Uk Bond security company form, I ask him about how they gonna pay me the winners then they said I needed to tick a box a, bank transfer or b, certified cheque, c, online banking. i asked if there is a charge in theses transaction he said yes. So i hanged up and search through the internet abt euro millions and found this site. Thanks God I was saved. Thank You all. and yes its the same letter stating the same fax no 0208 7115 813.The letter is from Kelly Royce, and who are Dr D.B kit and Prof R Page. now they have chnged address to 138-142 Regent westminister London W1b 4, uk also the draws did not match the euro millions of camelot company. They should be in jail and also pay fines to those they scammed.

John Vint says

Yes, weve just received one of these. Same name and the Canary Wharf address, the one they seem to using more lately. The fax number they ask for the documentation to be sent to has a 0203 code. What is this? Is it one of these private networks that routes it to Lagos or wherever? To the worldly wise, this is almost humourous until you think of the innocent souls that get hooked. I get at least one of these on my computer every week. WHY can't the police do anything? Does anyone know?

Michael Young says

Thanks for warning me about this scam. I recieved a similar letter today, the address being 138-142 Oxford Street East, London W1D 1LY, and the security company for claims is UK Security Solutions, 1, Canada Square Wharf London E14 5AB. The main phone number is 0202 3184784 and the fax number is 0207 9002791 I will take previous advice and shred the letter. Michael Young

Hamzah Khan says

I received this letter and we were so happy. We phoned them up and asked them how did we win. They told us that because we shop with Tesco so often that Tesco entered us into the draw. Very Unlikely as we all know that Tesco aren't able to this. How did they found out our details? These people are just so stupid, the paper is cheap and the ink quality would never look like that one of a genuine one. Anyway Camelot would have notified you in a different way and not ask for insurance money or your personal details. Please make sure to warn people in your areas about this scam.

Dinkum Daddy says

28 Nov 09. The letters are still coming. I am forwarding mine to the Information Commissioner, suggest others do the same. ( I attach a scan (name & address blanked). Thanks for keeping this site.

adrian cussell says

did any one speak to a james or corbitt please let me know it would be much apreciated by adrian cussell

adrian cussell says

did any one speak to a james or corbit and the letter was signed by kelly royce

Chrys Lee says

I also received an email telling me that I am the winner of 1.000.000 $..You have to be stupid to believe such an easy win.

Guest User says

I received the letter today 08-12-09, ive won £500,000.00, with xmas fast approaching many people will be struggling and hoping this is real, i hope they all find this site before they are taken for everything they have. The contact number i have is 02030869788, with a dr kelly royce as president of the bond company, i too do not understand why the police cant do anything. Its disgusting.

Ann Friend says

My dad recieved this and asked me to fill it in and send it off. As soon as I saw the letter with the cheap print out asking for personal details I knew it was dodgy. I told him not to respond and now clearly glad I did! It sounded too good to be true and clearly didn't add up. This stuff play on older people who are very vulnerable to these things and it should be banned!

chuck huber says

hi i got a letter today 10 dec 2009 i won 3rd prize with nos 4-13-21-27-36-38 bonus 45-4 draw was 27/11/2009/ serial d2a610 track no 586811207341 wow im loaded unless i send the letter back saying just send the money to children in need scammers should be shot and then burned oh and address 138-142 regent westminster

Rosalind STOKOE says

I also received a E M L letter 2day had to contact David Colman he said i could go down and collect cheque from london or pay £180 for insurance 2 have it delivered. I wonder what would have happened if i turned up?

Rosalind STOKOE says

i also received a letter 2day from EML 14/12/09 foned David Colman he said i could go 2 london and pick up my cheque. or have it delivered wanted me 2 pay £180 for insurance. I wonder what would have happened if i turned up at 4-7 Oxford Street East?

clifford holl says

just received my letter this morning same people same address London wd1 1ly asking me to fax details to bond security company phone numbers to ring 0203-086-9788 / 0207-060-0475 /direct line 079-325-3477, fax 0207 681 1568, not a chance. cliff

yasmin hussain says

i also received my letter this morning 15/12/09 signed by kelly royce that i had won £800,000 pounds. So thankful for the internet as I thought this sounded too good to be true!!! As I have never played the lottery in my life. I was on cheap paper and sent by 2nd class from watford. Address on letter 153-155 regent street W1B 4JE. Letter stated to contact a bernard santos of micro finance security company tel no:0203 3183779.SCAM SCAM SCAM

Eva Faber says

I received a letter today (16/12/09) in Highland region saying that I had won £500,000 in lottery held in Zurich. Looked fishy especially as said you did not have to give bank details if you wanted to get paid by cheque, which made it look more authentic and less scam-like. However, wanted to check up and googled. Great to have all this info. Address on letter as above 138-142 Oxford St London. Never heard of a WD post code though!!!! Same crooks signing it, if indeed they are real people. I will put info into our local news paper to warn folk.

jagzi mani says

i jus got a letter thru d post aswell!! my mum told me to phone them but i thought it could never be true so i just checked it out now on net. such losers!! 17/12/09

Oscar Edmundson says

I thank all the previous people who posted comments about this sham. You have all confirmed my suspicions about this documentation that I received today, 17Dec2009. "If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true!"

Iain Risk says

I had already sent certain details but luckily witheld my bank details though I had phoned Mr Lucas and seriously believed I had won something but NO it was too good to be true so search the web first before going ahead and bin this rubbish

Penvronius-Miles Cambrensis says

My lady friend received the same letter as your other correspondents - so I immediately typed in Dr Royce's name in to the Google search engine - you have confirmed what I suspected - 'thank you very much Penvronius Miles Cambrensis sfo

annon amous says

my partner recieved the same letter stating that he had won £800,000 on the 16/1/10 2 send his details within 3days. he phoned this and spoke 2 a robert jones askin him 2 fax the form attached with his personal details and next of kin. we new this was 2 good 2 be true. thankfully we googled this straight away and found ur web site. i am really appauled at these people who are SCAMMING innocent people all over the world something should be done about this! If u recieve a letter like this please put it in the bin!!!!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

Anne McLean says

My 78yr old mother in law had one of these letters too. I told her I would check it out on internet and found this page. Thank you so much for your information. I feel sorry for the ones who arent so lucky and get caught out with this.

anay bakhat says

I have received the letter on 15 /01/2010 that's telling me I won 500,0000.00 which looks like a joke and scam. I feel angry why police don't catch this kind people costing the nation millions every year.

Sharon Kruse says

I received my letter yesterday - £800,000!! Jan 2010 so this has now been going for some time looking at the comments here. There should be some law or something to stop these fraudsters!

kareem albo says

I have received a letter recently from these guys, contacted them, filled a payment processing form, sent it to them and then they gave me 3 choices so that the money will be transferred to my account here is what they told me:

Below is the breakdown of the above-mentioned charges

OPTION 1: ELECTRONIC TRANSFER: takes 2 working days and costs £910.00

OPTION 2: FLEXIBLE TRANSFER: takes 3 working days and costs £600.00.

OPTION 3: NORMAL TRANSFER: takes 5 working days and cost £300.00

Did any of this happen with u guys...? That's when I got all suspicious and stopped processing anything with them.

I wanna know if anything like that happened with u guys.

Mr Khan says

My dad recieved this today and because he plays euro millions lottery he thought it was true. Obviously i knew straight away that it was a scam and showed my parents this website once i found it. but just for fun im going to give all my friends their number so they can pretend to be willing victims and give these clowns a taste of their own medicine.

s khan says

A letter dated 4/1/10 arrived addressed to my mother from Euromillion Lottery International address at 138-142 Oxford Road; London. This address doesn't exist. I was suspicious at the poor standard of the letter and more importantly that my mother could not have played the lottery, especially not from beyond the grave, as she has been deceased for the past 7 years. When i rang and spoke to a Mr Robert Jones who sounded west indian with an American accent. The numbers sounded like they were being diverted to an international line. The numbers: 0203 318 3815 and 07824670518 and fax: 0207 900 2384. The letter also mentions Dr D.B Kit and Prof K Royce, who never seem to be around. When i explained that my mum had passed away, he said he would send me the money as long as i sent a copy of her passport or driving licence. He insisted on this and also to provide bank details of 'My' account so that i could then recieve the money, which only added further to my suspicions, on why they would hand over the money so easily to someone else. The slight chance and temptation of £800 000 encouraged me to investigate a little further rather than ignore and thats when i thankfully found this sight. Good work everyone. They are scum and there needs to be a legal clamp down on this sort of fraud. I can't believe the police and no one else is interested. Anything that sound too good, most likely isn't.

Martin Arndt says

I received a letter stating that I had won £800,000 I contacted the phone number on the letter. The next week I contacted them once more as I was speaking to one of them my work mate went on line and spotted this page. So the next time thy phoned me told them that it was a scam so he invited me to the address in London which is not there. Thank you to all keep it up.

Paul Redmond says

Mother- in- law received letter today (18th Feb) claiming £800,000 won. They tried to call but luckily had problems with their phone - they asked us to call. I googled the address and up came this. Thanks.

N Khan says

mr khan: recieved letter dated 08/01/10 address 138-142 oxford street london WD1 1LY stating I had won £800,000. contacted number 02070600475 spoke to fred lucas who advised I needed to pay £440.00 insurance for delivery of cheque by DHL. I was given bank account details for Natwest to pay this money in. Foolishly after this I phoned again and spoke with fred who then said the money was being held by Inland Revenue and I had to pay £4,000 tax before the cheque could be released. I was then given bank account details for Lloyds to pay that amount. I advised I didnt have this amount of money as I am retired so he then agreed to accept £750 and they would pay the rest. After I paid this money I called to ask when I would recieve the money and was told I needed to pay another £4,000 as it wasnt enough to release the check. When i said to Fred this is a scam and I had contacted Inland Revenue who said it was a scam he hung up. Since then there is no answer on the number.

R. Wells says

Received my letter 16/02/2010 from address Calle Romano 19, PLT. 5. 28048 Madrid Spain. 1,800,000 Euros. Phone 01134634054764 Fax 01134911814278. I live in Canada and never play the lottery so be careful everyone. They get around.

Ed Kase says

The worrying thing is they get our details from job sites and dodgy customer agents from offshore call centres. Also if the cops cant be bothered try the office of fair trade at least they can push the cops to do their job......whatever that is.

anon anon says

This is now being sent out under the name of Euromillions FIFA World Cup Super Lottery with an address that appears to be that of the Financial Services Authority in Canary Wharf. Be very beware!!

Claire Lancaster says

I got a email today 8/5/2010 saying that i had won other £800,000, i dont do the lottery so i knew straight away it was a scam, this website is brillant and i hope it helps many more poor people. Something needs to be done about this Claire Lancaster

ali khan says

yeh i got the same letter with the same oxford address i just binned it straight away not even worth reading EUROMILLION LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL, LOL makes me laugh

Eric moore says

I just received a letter from euromillion lottery international saying I won £225,000.00 but when I phone them He said (Dr. Eric Moore ) their is 3 methood to send my money first is bank transfer so they need my account, 2nd pick up but to hassle bec. after I pick up my certificate cheque I still need to go to Spain madrid to get my money. the 3rd is certified cheque but I need to pay £600.00 for the insurance. after this conversation I feel its a SCAM. so I open my computer and I found out its really SCAM. thanks to this web site.... BEWARE

arden shayne-morris says

Hi, I just recieved an email re: euromillions and that i won 1,000,000 euros via my post code draw. If that was the case then about 10 would of won the same amount. It does seem transparent scam to me but i worry about the 'winners' that are in debt and would fall for such a scam, and to have their accounts wiped clean.

James Wilson says

Just received my scam letter from Euromillion Lottery International. No email address or VAT number and regulation cheap presentation and second class stamp. Their current postcode is Edinburgh EH2 2EZ. Thanks for advising that I would be wasting my time contacting the Fraud Squad, I've saved my bus fare to the Police Station. Pity its a scam, I could have done with that 225 grand this week.


I received a letter but it is from EUROMILLON LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL, I noticed the spelling error addressed from CALLE ROMANO 19, PLT 5, 28048, MADRID SPAIN signed by Kelly Royce as President also with Ait COntrol Number, ID Number, REf Number and Batch Number. Winning Figure Euro 800,000++ and to contact SR FRANCO INACIO before dateline. WELL STOP GIVING PEOPLE HOPE and too good to be true. FROM RIDZA

matty lee says

My 19 year ols son has received a letter today...25th March 2010 from, EURO MILLIONS FIFA WORLD CUP SUPER begin the claim contact MICHAEL SMITH at HALIFAX SECURITY COMPANY, line..0782-467-0518, with a fax no of...0207-900-2384 and it states that if the wiinings are NOT claimed within 30 days the entire fund will be returned to the UK BOARD OF INTERNAL REVENUE!!! As if? On the fax letter they even spell declaration...DECLEARATION!!!!! The fax is for the address...25 THE NORTH COLONNADE, CANARY WHARF, LONDON, E14 5HS....SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!!!! Please be warned, just shred it?? Cath Lee

Chris Horne says

I got one today. president Kelly Royce address 32 Marefair road London NW2 England. Tel/Fax 00 44 755 172 4103 email and I am in Australia............Chris H

David Copperfield says

the Euromillions Lottery International has used other proxy Company called Westgate Bond & Security UK asking personal details and bank accounts details. So be ware. The address is 5 Canada Square, canary Wharf, London E14 5AA Fax no 0870 1363199 and Phone No is 02070600562. The form asks all your personal details so that it can be used for ID thief. Do not reply or report it to the Police. Let them deal with these evil people

Linda Clarke says

Received a letter today saying I had won £250,000 - Address on letter is Suite G106 Links Place, Edinburgh - Who can we report this disgusting attempt to rob peoples bank accounts.

Sally Carter says

Hello All, 31/03/10 - received my letter today. £225K I've won. Whoop! Yeah right. Glasgow address and fax. A bit more convincing than your average scam. I will be sending this to the National Lottery to see if they'd be willling to put this sort of thing on their website in case people want to search their website to see if it's legit and therefore can find out that it isn't. Like most get rich quick schemes it takes advantage of the most vulnerable. If there's phone numbers, they must be traceable - although I suspect once discovered they just pop up under a different guise eleswhere.

Jo Palmer says

Along with everyone else I received the 'Euromillions Lottery letter' 31.3. 2010 and was immediately suspicious and thought I would check it out this morning and what do I find but your site. Unfortunately those who will get scammed are those who are older who don't use or have access to the internet and those who are easily pursuaded and I know a few of those who are always believing anything that comes in the post. I really do feel that the lottery commission should give out short broadcasts on the TV ( everyone has access to a TV) and highlight that these scams exist and give a number that people can call to check if their letters are genuine. Thanks for keeping this site going.

robert johnson says

I am 82 and I received a 2nd class stamp enveloppe from Euromillion Lottery International. I was suspicious straight away and checked on internet and found your site proving it is a scam... The address is Suite G106, 38 Links Place, Edinburgh EH2 2EZ. The name of the person to contact : Martin Blanco, Tel. 0800 051 7151/0754 963 2894 & Fax: 0141 404 2619 !!!!!!On the payment processing form, the address is 143 Finnieston Street, Skypark, Glasgow G5 3JU. For your information !!! but I am sure they use different names, addresses and numbers all the time... I will be taking this letter to the Police Station anyway and see how competent or incompetent they are !!!! R Johnson

Claire Turner says

I received a letter today, saying I had won £225,000 from Euro Millions Lottery 2010 World Cup Bid lottery Award International programmes. It was from Kelly Royce and to claim, send bank details to Morris Osbourne (the Foreign Service Managerof UK Security Solutions manager), if unclaimed by the 20th April, it would be returned to the UK Board of Internal Revenue. "The beneficiary is responsible for the contingency fee charges". Address 101, Wigmore Street, London, W1U 1QU. Thank goodness for this website, I was able to confirm my suspicions!


Rob Smith,recieved a letter today 8/4/2010,informing me I had won £225000,also saying they wanted various personal details from meI googled UK BONDS SECURITY COMPANY & this site came up saying it was a scam,which I thought it was anyway,The B------S should be hung,drawn & quartered from tower bridge.

Cate Jackson says

Woopee I too have received my scam lottery win. I knew straight away it was a scam because I don't play the Euro lottery. But thank goodness for this site, its a god send and great for putting people right. I was once scammed with some tickets to see the Spice Girls...i know, i know...and I now check everything on here because sadly there will always be people who are conned. I feel better because they've paid out for a waster stamp. Cheers Cate Jackson. Leeds

Edwina Wilson says

Astonishingly I have never done the Euro Lottery!!! So where these people got my name from leaves me guessing? That was my first clue!! I read the letter in amusement especially having noticed all the errors. A professional company wouldn't allow correspondence to go out with so many errors, not if they care about their image anyway!! Then the 2nd class stamp, surely information so important would at least be recorded!!! Sorry El Presidente Kelly, times are tough enough without being expected to hand out your hard earned cash to people who really do need to get a proper life!!!!

Mary Wright says

My husband recieved a letter today 8/4/10 announcing that he had won £225k, part of a 45 million pound share amongst 200 lucky winners. What a shame some gullible people will be caught out with this dispicable scam. Mary Wright.

michelle o'reilly says

I also recieved a letter today 9/4/10 saying i had won £800,000.00 it said to fax my payment form , with bank details ect to yorkshire bond and creditors on o2o76813514. The names on the letter are Micheal Gates and Harry Buttler not that these are their real names i doubt!!!!!!! Tear it up and bin it i say. michelle o'reilly. ( Wales )

Lawrie Scott says

The scam is still going. Received mine on 8 April 2010. It makes a very peaceable person want to form a vigilante group. All praise to Lawrie Scott, Devon.

Ruby Lu says

LOL if it's too good to be true, then IT IS too good to be true. What i'm wondering is where did they get personal details from and they must be very foolish to be sending cheap paper along with it. But thanks for this website x

Lynn Georgiou says

I have just received a letter on 13th April 2010 from EuroMillions FIFA World Cup Super Lottery Tel Nos 02033183789 & 07990954140 asking me to fill out my personal details & return to Yorkshire Bond & Creditors Fax 0207 6813514. So they are obviously very active at the moment. I have never bought a ticket for the EuroMillions so knew it was a fake. But shame £800,000 would have been very nice! Lynn G

Hazel Richards says

I have received a letter this morning in a second stamped envelop. I was very suspicious and found your web sit. Thank you for alerting us to these scams. It is a pity they can not be caught and stopped, I worry about vulnerable people being taken in and having a bad disappointment. Haz

lorraine adams says

I have received a letter this morning from EUROMILLION LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL. 101 wigmore st. London. W1U 1QU It has a Ref Number: Batch Number: and winning lottery numbers to the right. wow I have one 225,000.00 pounds. The letter also says to keep this information away from public to avoid unwarranted abuse of the program or fraudulent acts from criminally minded and unauthorised individuals.(That is themselves). tel:0141-846-0080/0777-429-9464,Fax 0141-626-1433. I must contact Mr.Morris Osborne. The letter is signed KELLY BOYCE and of cource I have a PAYMENT PROCESSING FORM. WELL THE NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS ARE CHANGING BUT THE SCAM REMAINS THE SAME. THANKS FOR THE WEB SITE. WE ALL NEED TO TELL OUR LOCAL NEWSPAPERS. EVERYONE TAKE CARE. From Lor in Luton

Kate Black says

Thank you so much for this web site I received a letter from EUROMILLION LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL address 136-142 Oxford Street, it has everything Lorraines' letter has except I won 400.000 pounds and I had to contact a David Duncan. I will be taking this letter to the police and I will also be contacting my local paper, take care Kate Liverpool


i have recieved a letter near enough the same as lorraine adams. saying i have won 225 000.00 pounds. it says to contact martin blanco the foreign service manager of UK BONDS SECURITY COMPANY. it also says my name was attached to a ticket number and i was wondering how they had got my name and address i was quite curious. i rang the number and he said he couldnt give me any information over the phone he also said we couldnt send anything but you had to fax it, thats why all the fax numbers are the same but names and phone numbers are different. thanks. MARY FROM KENT


ONE BIG SCAM!!!! i have recieved a letter near enough the same as lorraine adams. it was saying i have won 225 000.00 pounds in the 3rd category. it said to contact martin blanco the FOREIGN SERVICE MANAGER OF UK BONDS SECURITY COMPANY. the letter was apparntly wrote by a kelly royce. it said for this information to be keptaway from the public ect. i was a bit curious because i knew i had not entered for anything like this. thanks MARY KENT

Joanna Kerr says

Euromillion Lottery International - They are now mailing from Spain instead of London I received a letter through the post this morning. I won 1, 100,000Ä - I wish!!! I thought it was too good to be true so I checked the internet and Voila! The registered address on mine was from Madrid but interestingly the letter was posted from Malaga! The letter also said Dear Beneficiary instead of my name. If I had really won this amount of money I would have thought that the letter would have been registered and they would have put my name at the top of the letter! Watch out for this scam. The letter itself looks quite authentic.

Rosanne Eden says

I have today received a second class stamped envelope containing the brilliant news that I had won £800,000.00 from Euro Lottery Internationl, 133 Oxford Street, London WD1 1LY, ticket no:27522465896-6465 completely tax free, with Instructions of how to claim this money by faxing my details to 0207-681-1568. The post code is false, but the post code on the form to be faxed is in the Dockland Area of London. The letter stated that "this information must be kept away from public to avoid unwarranted abuse of the program or fraudulent acts from criminal minded and unauthorised people" Ha Ha. I knew straight away that this was a scam as my lottery numbers are registered with the National Lottery and I do not purchase tickets, and have only once purchased a ticket for the Euro Lottery but then it did make me think for a second could the National Lottery be affiliated to this organisation, maybe it forwards names as a bonus, that was just a fleeting thought but if I could think this then what about the thousands of people out there who are desperate for a little help and are vulnerable to this kind of scam. The powers that be should have a regular short monthly spot on television and radio and in Newspapers to spotlight these scams and keep them in public eye. I would also suggest that anyone who receives these letters should like myself put them back in the envelope cross out their own address and forward them on to 10 Downing Street with a comment, someone might soon get the message. Rosanne Eden. 16/04/10

Sandra Leech says

20.04.2010 I received a letter from these charlatans today, I knew immediately it was a scam as the grammar (and spelling) is appalling ! MR JOHN PEDRO (UK BOND & SECURITY) and DR GABRIEL ANTONIO are the 'contacts' and their fax no. is 0870 136 3199, Office no. 0207 060 0562 and Mobile no. 0781 079 2012 The addresses being used are 32 Chant Square, London E15 4RT and 5 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA. OBVIOUSLY THEY HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR SOME YEARS .... and continue doing so because the Police do not do a thing about it, they are totally disinterested !!!!

ola ayo says

i have just received one today with a letter headed from FNB FIFA WORLD CUPtm promotion and with a UK security solution's payment processing form attached saying i've won £250,000. the address for the letter is on "oxford street east" and the form for personal details is on 1 canada square, canary wharf E14. it is definitely a SCAM!!!!!!. Ola

Wendy Lee says

wendy Lee - I have received a letter advising me I had won £400,000.00 (I wish!) did a search and foudn this site - thank you for starting this off - perhaps they get credits for the people calling them to ask if it is true - send all the information to Tradign Standards and the press - the more people we warn the less vulnerable people will be ripped off.

John Novak says

John Novak - Today i got one from the supposed football winning to,same address..same crap,,somebody needs to get these criminals real jobs,so they can stop bothing real people that struggle with paying bills ,who would love to win 1.000 pounds much less 250.000..come on police,do your jobs,if the criminals were at a dougnut shop you might find,oh well i have to go dream what iam going to do with my ,thanks

John Novak says

Today i got the same type of letter,it was from a football promotion,same as the women above,same amount - 250.000.Same address - london,Same cheap 2nd class postage from mount pleasant...Police please go do your job and find these scumbags who waste our time with fake scams and fake winning,if the criminals were at a dougnut shop,doing this might find them!here...get the criminal real jobs,so like regular people they will see,what 250.000 would do to help real people that struggle with everyday life,paying bills,worrying about getting jobs,putting food on the table for there family..who would love to win 1,000 £,instead of there fake winnings..anyways...i have to figure out how iam going to spend my good car,pay off the home..thanks

michelle ness says

my mum got a letter today with the exact same things. Fortunately I found this site and put a stop to it....not before sending them a little letter to "get lost" to put it politely to their fax number! Idiots!

steven edwards says

glasgow 21/4/2010 got te lette today thanks for the info

George-Agdgdgwngo Ugandan-Monieeeeez says

Received 21st April 2010, today, 2nd class post, postmarked from Mount Pleasant sorting office in London... FBN 2010 FIFA World Cup Promotion 4-7 Oxford Street East. London W1C 2HP Martin Blanco 08000517151 0800-051-7151 07549632894 0754-963-2894 FAX: 02075048132 FAX: 0207-504-8132 Charles Loudon 1, Canada Square, Canary Wharf, E14 5AB Hopefully this will now come up as a scam when others Google the title. See attached scam pages. Notice the signature is exactly the same as on the Euromillions scam too!!!


We received one of these today 22nd April 2010 from 4-7 Oxford Street London W1C 2HP Second class post from Mount Pleasant Sorting Office. Only read half of it as it was obviously a scam. Put straight in the bin. The name on mine was John Smith of UK Bonds Security Company with a load of phone numbers etc. which if you ring will probably cost you a fortune in phone bills. Hope nobody else falls for it.

Veronica Eden says

Veronica Eden: I to received one today 23 April 2010 to say I won £800,000. As I never usually play, I had a little flutter about a fortnight ago and forgot to check my numbers, so I initially thought I WON. New home, driving lessons for my son, well the list just went on and then alarm bells. Surely when you place ur tickets they don't ask for ur name or address etc, so that's when I became suspicious. Luckily enough I did not send my bank details but sent my D.O.B. I have reported them to the Trade of Standards and informed the appropriate agencies to look into this matter as someone who can be quite vulnerable can be easily scammed. Contact details of the letter in question is Mr Lucas and when I called the Euro millions they have no identification of this man. I do however wonder the three people on the bottom of the letter are aware of how there face is being protrayed in this.

Patricia Hill says

I recieved one of these letters dated 19th April 2O1O from 138-142 Oxford Street East ,London W1D 1LY United Kingdom Saying I had won 585,000.00 Pounds. signed Kelly Royce President. I am a pensioner who looks into things before parting with bank details and dont get to excited about massive to good to be true winnings unfortunately some people fall into this trap giving thier bank details which probably cost them thier life savings. { Dont Fall For this Scam.}

Ian M says

These keep popping up - the 25 north Colonnade address is the Financial Services Authority All the addresses used are fake, the main perpertrators are based abroad (using unanmed mugs to do the UK posting for them) which makes it very difficult for Police or Trading Standards to deal with them - the best is that they get phone numbers barred but they can easily switch to new ones

John Doe says

My father (who died in 2008) has just received a letter from "EUROMILLIONS FIFA WORLD CUP SUPER LOTTERY". Cheap paper/inkjet printed/second class stamp. FINAL AWARD NOTIFICATION - "lump sum pay out" £800,000 - Contact FRED LUCAS at LOOS STANDARD CHARTERED Tel 02030867058 or 02070600475 FAX 02076811568 . Address 29 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QR or 1 Churchill Place, London Docklands, LONDON E14 5HP

stephen warner says

my wife rcieved one of these just last week stating she had won £600,000 an had to return the slip by 4/5/2010.The addresses given are32 chant square london and 5 canada square,canary wharf london.i'm assuming that this is a scam?

Sharon Harrison says

Hi just got in from work and found out I'm the lucky winner of 250,000. Though it looked ok but then noticed that font type was different looks like address has been typed using a good old fashioned type writer. This seems to have been going on so long glad to have seen this page. really surprised that its still going on. Feel sorry for the people who have parted with money and have not got internet to see this page.



Thomas P says

Got one of these today (29/4/2010) in Dublin. Sent by Euromillion Lottery International, Calle Romano 19 Planta 5, 28011 Madrid, Spain. Claim is supposedly handled by a company called Darma Security Company SL. Letter looks official enough, with audit control number, ref number, batch number. Cheap paper, some typos and most of all the fact that I haven't played lotto in 6 months gave it away easily enough. If you feel like telling my claims agent Don Alberto what you think of this, here's the number from the letter: 0034 603115534.

Michelle H says

Got one letter today with exactly the same "oxford street" address mentioned on this page. I was surprised as I never bought any ticket and yet still got chance to win! The phone number to contact Micro Finance Security Company is 0203 318 0087, direct line 07745339702, fax 0207-806-0751. Hope these animals could tracked down by police and pay all their money back!

jayapraba seralathan says

Jayapraba seralathan says: i got one letter yesterday in tralee(1/5/10). That was sent by Euromillon Lottery International, Calle Romano 19, PLT.5. 28048 Madrid Spain. Claim is handled by Group Security & Finance Company S.L. that letter included Audit no, ref no, batch no. it includes the ph no also i tryed that no but they attend the call and they dont speap with me. the ph no is 0034 634 011 111. i feel that letter used in a zerox paper... dont trust these types of letters.......

tracy Lee says

received my letter today, iv won £400,000.00 without even playing so immediatley smelt a rat, first point of call is the internet to see if there are any sights like this one so well done for setting it up..... scam!

Lien Cheng says

Lien Hi, I received a letter today 5/5/10 saying i won £800,000.00, i shown it to my husband and he told me to bin it. So i check this website and just as i though it is a scam!. So watch out this is recent address on their letter: South Africa FIFA World Cup House, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DP. Their contact No: 02033189829 direct line: 07879978821 and fax:02071171233. My advice is to bin it!!!!

S Tan says

I also received a letter today 5/5/2010 saying I've won £800,000 from South Africa FIFA World Cup House, same address in Trafalgar Square and same three contact numbers, requesting me to contact Michael Gates, the Foreign Service Manager of Alliance Capital & Bond Management.

The letter was posted second class, the letter headed paper is of bad quality, the ISO 9001 logo at the bottom of the page looks dodgy and bleeds.

Included was a Payment Processing Form asking for my bank details, and winnings must be claimed by 20/06/2010.

So obviously a scam!

MJUt t says

Hi, I received a letter a few days ago. The winning numbers are the same as in DinkumsDaddys letter (28 Nov 09.). There is a scanned letter :

janet wilby says

Received notification today from Euromillion Lottery International 

apparently I have won £225,000 . the address on top of letter is 4-7 Oxford street East, London WIC 2HP

To collect my winnings I need to fill in form giving bank details etc and send to UK Security Solutions 1, Canada Square Canary Wharf. E14 5LB at bottom of letter 3 pics of two men and a lady 

named the same as mentioned in previous reports.

So glad found your site and checked it out

peter berrey says

have also recieved letter saying have won £225000 scam is still doing the rounds so be carefull

Tammy Capaldi says

My daughter received the letter from EuroMillions Lottery International saying she'd won £600,000.  Fortunately we realised it was a scam.  Claim agent Mr John Pedro with VP Dr Gabriel Antonio. Yes, they are still at large - so watch out!

nina james says

Have just received my scam letter saying i have won 800,000.  The new address they now have is 21 Church Street, Rickmansworth, London.WD3 1DE,and  contact name is FRED LUCAS   Strasse 20,8044 Zurich,Switzerland.

matt frobisher says

Received mine today from Micro finance security! Addressed to Ms M Frobisher Kind of new it was a scam but rang them anyway. Spoke to a guy called David Duncan (west indian) who ran through a few ref nos and batch numbers he also asked me to confirm my first name and then he verified i had won 400,000 and could i send my claims form back to him on 0207-806-0751. I asked him how this was possible when purchasing a ticket from my local asda you dont state your name and address? it went  quiet. What a Scam its not the first i can tell you, sick and tired of these ruthless underhand people. Thought about the police but they are a complete waste of time. Shred it bin it!!!!!!!! 

trudy says

received the one from 4-7 oxford street east. thought about sending form back without bank details and requesting cheque just to see what they would do. 

audrey Darch says

Have just received a email from EMI telling me I had won £500,000

asking  me to get in touch with a Dr. Pinkett Griffin and the address is 28, Bradswich Road, Croydon, and telephone no. 44 701 114 8234, the email is signed by Margaret Robertson, online co ordinator.  These people should be locked up and the key thrown away!!

Katherine Fawcett says

My father received the same letter on Saturday, 22 nd May, funnily enough the letter was not dated. It was from Euromillion, Lottery International and is full of different font types and has a real cheap feel to it.

The address on his letter is 138-142 Oxford Street East and like the others posts on this page asks for bank details and next of kin details.

I have advised my parents to stay well clear of this, especially after reading this page, thank you all for reporting this here. I am going to see if there is anyone this can be raised to.


michelle martin says

I received this letter a few days ago, claimimg I had won 400k for the lottery I didn't buy a ticket for...the only thing is the address for the comapny posing as Micro Finance Security Company is actually my works head office address!!!! COINCIDENCE!!!! The address is now listed as 1 Virginia Street London, people like this should get a proper job instead of trying to rip others off. I actually did ring them and confront them with this information...they said "oh yes they work just down the coridoor" ha MORONS!! 

Betty Betty says

I got a letter too! Glad I found this site. If this many people are getting these letters and not falling for it, how many people are getting letters and falling for it? What are these people doing with the info? Scary!

Chrissy Russell says

I got one of these through this morning. I have reported it to the police.

Sophie Corby says

I'm 20 years old, and am just back from uni for the summer. Didn't realise that this was a scam until i talked to my parents. These people are awful! Someone of my age wouldn't necessarily pick up on it straight away. Does anyone know how they got our names and addresses?

rosemary thompson says


Erica Campbell says

My mother has been sent one of these letters claiming she had won £225,00. These people make me mad!!!!! She is a vulnerable individual, thankfully she had the sense to give it to me to have a look at. I thought it looked a bit odd straight away as the paper was cheap and the world cup logo looked photocopied. Smelt a rat!!!! Please be aware.

Des Lee says

got one of those too good to be true letters, £800.000 spent some of it allready!!! just as well it was only in my head.  easy to be conned if you need cash, better to be cautious.  good link to this site I just hope there are'nt any takers to this horrible (playing on peoples desperation ) scam  can't win it if you're not in it take care everybody from Hull E Yks

alicia collins says

i've recieved this letter today stating that i had won £225,000.00 pounds and i instantly thought it was a scam, i'VE NEVER PLAYED THE LOTTERY IN MY LIFE! i think its a shame that people out there are trying to scam us, and to think that vulnerable people fall for it. I am so pleased that this site is showing awareness, its most likely saved a lot of people from being scamed.

naseem ahmed says

lol today i received a letter from exactly the same so called company and gave them a call he asked for 195 pound and before going to pay them i looked them up on google and found this blog, i gave the man a call and said iv transferd the money and want to more info about u before i give u the details he started going on and on wen i told him iv just checked on the internet and found out u a scam he lost words and cut me off... thanx to evry1 on this site for stoppin inocent people getting scammed

Liz Brown says

I have just received one of these letters stating that I had won £225.000.00 - how fantastic when I haven't even bought a lottery ticket.

Thought I would check the net for scams and found your site - great - thanks! I don't understand why the authorities cant do anything about these people. They give addresses in London and also phone numbers and names (doubt they are real names tho) - surely someone from Trading Standards could investigate?

It makes my blood boil when you hear comments about the elderly being conned - I am lucky I have the net to check these things out - but some people either don't have the opportunity to check or are drawn in by this. Surely we should be able to do something?

Louisa Latham says

Thankyou! Googled after receiving the letter and was right to suspect it was a scam. Feel terrible for elderly gentleman duped out of £10k. Thought there was protection against scams for people using credit cards. It's so wrong!

Bill Thompson says

The Euromillion Lottery International scam has started again.  My wife received a letter today, 10 June 2010. Tel numbers quoted 0808-234-9814, fax 0207-504-8081.

address 4-7 Oxford street East London

President Kelly Royce

Paul Long says

Had same letter. Address Trafalger Square London. Contact Michael Gates The foreign Service Manager of Alliance Capital & Bond Management on Tel 02033189829 Direct line 07879978821 Fax 02071171233. Wanted £ 223 postage and Insurance for my cheque worth £ 800,000 to be released. LOL Told him this was a scam and gave him a few other choice comments before telling him to take the £223  out of the £800.000 and send me the balance Ha Ha

Emma Linton says

Recieved letter today (16/06/10) informing me I had won £800,000.00 on Euromillions Fifa World Cup Super Lottery. Letter on very cheap paper, poorly printed, very suspect. What I thought was a particularly nice touch was that the consulting agents were called LOOS Standard Chartered. There's taking the p*ss and there's taking the p*ss. The only thing I can think to do is to let my MP know, as many of you here have said the police can't/ won't do anything about it. Desperately sorry for anyone who has fallen for this. x

Sue Linge says

Got letter today as well (16.06/10) and I have 'won' £225,000 so aren't I lucky!  And I did' even enter the 'FNB 2010 FIFA World Cup Promotion'.  Letter badly addressed on cheap paper, and ink-jet printed, sent by second class stamp so they really wanted me to know about my lucky win didn't they!  4-7 Oxford Street East and from the 'President' Charles Loudon.  Does anyone know where these are coming from and who can be told about them if the police don't want to know?  Some gullible folk will be giving away their details and it only needs one for these criminals to make a nice killing

Jennifer Green says

I got one of these scams through the mail today.  The print doesn't look very good, they wrote "congratulation" in the singular, and I doubt very much that I ever bought such a lottery ticket, although I have been known to forget things now and then.

I could have done with the £800,000 they promise me, but somehow I don't think it's going to happen, especially not after checking it out and reading all the mail here.


scott costello says

got one today new address and title now operating under the EUROMILLIONS FIFA WORLD CUP SUPER LOTTERY company representing the above lottery LOOS STANDARD CHARTERED based supposedly at 25 CANADA SQ CANARY WHARF LONDON E14 5LQ

i have apparently won £800,000 came in a second class stamped envelope printed on cheap copier paper

SCAM SCAM SCAM and a crap one at that laughable really

Catherine Bradley says

glad I found this site... I thought the letter was a bit 'dodgy'.  From Euromillions Lottery International, Suite G106, 38 Links Place, Edinburgh. EH2 2EZ.  It was saying as part of the Lottery 2010 World Cup Bid I had a claim of £225,000.00...! To begin my claim I had to call James Robert on a 08000 number.

beware.... there are very strange scams out there....


sheila standen says

Happy I checked this site first.  I recived a letter from Euromillion Lottery International, 4-7 Oxford Street East this week.    It informed me that I had won £225,000 from the Euro Millions Lottery 2010 World Cup Bid.  I was suspicious because the grammer was dodgy.  Also, the email address was funny and when I attempted to send an email it was returned.  The contact person was a Jonathan Smith!!!   A claim form was attached from Fanguard Security Ltd, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, E14 5LB.  The letter gave me until 15th July to claim my winnings of £225,000.  I do not do the lottery of any kind.  I have now shredded this letter.

Lauren Simmonds says

I to had received a letter, on cheap paper with a 2nd class stamp claiming I had won a beautiful sum of money. Immediately I was suspicious since I don't play the lottery but it seemed so genuine and exactly what I need right now, a boatload of money! Thankfully, my bf found this site and I strimmed the letter. Unfortunately today I received a harshly worded email asking me to respond to Stephen Spencer at immediately or my "cash prize" will be deemed unclaimed. They also made reference to the post they had sent me, this is insane! An obviously well thought out scam. Thankgod for all these sites to help people who couldn't know better.

Just be wary, the letter wasn't the end for me and the email just shakes you up, where do they get this information?

Thankyou everyone for helping me identify this scam :)

Duncan Wallace says

Look out everyone, my elderly parents got one of these letters from Euromillion Lottery International, unfortunately my Mum phoned them before she phoned me the # was 02030867097 Contact David Duncan at Micro Finance Sicurity Company. My mother is up to high dohs now as they have her phone number, thankfully thats all they got, she only phoned me to ask if i could send a fax for her as she had a surprise for me £400,000 thank god they are not on the internet.

cheers Duncan

Karen Laing says

Hi i just got one of these letters - Euromillion Lottery International saying I had won √ā¬£400,000.

When I read it my first reaction was this is a joke - 1 because I thought it wasn't official enough, 2 I've never bought any kind of lottery ticket, my husband buys them!!

I let a friend see i & she confirmed my suspicions!! But me at my best ever hopeful, I thought well I would give it a phone. A foreign sounding gentleman answered the phone, didn't answer it the way a company would answer their phone.

I said I'd received this letter & was it a joke!! He answered with'madam if you thought it was a joke why did you phone?' He then asked me for ref no & batch no & for my address, phone no & mob no. I the stupidly gave him them & he also asked if I had a claims form i said yes - he said to fill this in, fax it to him then phone him back to let him know I had faxed it off, he gave me no name & wasn't that particularly helpful, when i said 'is this legitimate, he then said yes & I said but I have never bought a ticket for any lottery, he asked if i shopped in Tesco, Asda, Morrisons major supermarkets & this is where the draw had been made from customer names.

This kind of set off alarm bells my Tesco Credit card, Asda Credit card, my clubcard & any info that a supermarket would have have my maiden name on it & this letter was sent addressed to me with my married name!!

I then checked this Alpha Finance Security & they are not recognised by the FSA & then I cam across this site. Just wanted to alert further people re this my contact details were for David Duncan foreign service manager of Alpha Finance Security Compnay tel 08708200345 Direct Line 07745339702 Fax 02078060751!!


Kevin Laing says

Yep got my letter thro the post today. What made me think straight away that this wasnt right, well apart from the amount i'd apparently won, my next of kin details, 2nd class stamp, the really bad quality of paper, the grammar etc, was the draw was in December last year!. What proper organisation would wait 7 months to inform so called winners. I know what i'd like to do to these idiots because it's a shame that some people will actually believe this letter to be true and ultimately have their bank accounts cleared out.

Maria Gomez says

I have received one of this letter today from 'Euromillions Fifa World Cup Super Lottery'. It say that I have won £800,000 and asked me about my personal details and account number.

The company which send me the letter: Enfeld Investment Trust Inc 

The contact person and phone number: Sr. Fred Lucas, 020-7060-7108

The address: 25 Canada Square Canary Wharf London, but the letter was sent from Watford

I didn't belive it when I checked de National Lottery Web and there was no information about this game.

Is not true. Be carefull.

Nila ALI says

Nila                                                                                                                             I just wanted to let u no that i have also received the same letter on 31st august.2010. from a so called David duncan. he gave me personal no.07546781337. he asked me to give £395 and send it to Weston union.some 1 needs to stop this crook. DON'T FALL FOR IT! I hope they get what's coming to them.Company is Alpha  finance security-euro million international

Nila ALI says

Nila ali            2-9-2010                                                                                           Hey im back just 2 let u no that im playing David duncan at his own game! he put £270 in my account so he could take out a loan i pressume. lolz.  He thinks he' s goin 2 get it bck at the end.U wish. He thinks he gona leave me in debt. I'm just guna go cash it out an shut ma account dwn. safe dave. SCAMA GOT SCAMED! hehe. ya joka

sharon laing says

sharon says

I received my letter today 10 sept 2010 from euromillions lottery international claiming i've won £400,000 final award notification from an address in oxford street also.  It arrived in a plain envelope with a second class stamp, it was printed on cheap tacky paper and informing me to contact the service manager DAVID TRUMAN of TRAVELEX FINANCE SECURITY  for the processing of payment.  Alarm bells went off immediately I don't even do the lottery, checked the net and found all these  other people who have also recieved the same, unbelievable there should be a law against scams like this, at least we all clicked on to it but how many other people and older folk that have been taken in by this, absolutely scandalous 


Margaret Crossland says

I was so excited to receive the letter. We have quite a lot of debt and I thought that this would clear it nicely. But something made me think that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, so I checked out this website. So glad I did.They are SO clever. It all sounds so plausable. Their address on my letter is 40 Canary Sq, Canary W"harf, London E14 5FW. 

maggie jones says


I received a professional looking letter this morning (23rgAugust) by second class post on quite good quality paper telling me I have won £825k. I have to send a fax to 0207 504-8132 then I have to contact JAMES ADAMS of ANCHOR SECURIRY tel: 0800-051-7151 for the processing of my money. The letter came from EUROMILLION LOTTERRY INTERNATION GORDON SMITH-PRESIDENT. The address is 10 WILLIAM ST-LONDON-EC4N 7TW

Reading some of the letters on here I am amazed that the police can’t or won’t do anything? Why won’t they do anything-is it not their job to catch the bad guys?? It’s no wonder there are so may criminal around!

Sandra Hare says

we have just received this letter exactly as the last writer has described it so they are still trying to catch people, although ours did not ask for bank details so it sounded more plausible than others but it does ask for personal details and next of kin details.


lynne Goodwin says

I have someone extremely close to me who received one of these so called million letters. paying out the sum of £825.000,000 how cruel can people be, The lady who it is addressed to died only within the last 12 months this has caused considerable upset to her husband, all this is just an evil thing to do to someone who was well liked and loved in our community and extremely cruel to her family again like others it was 2nd class post with no post mark, these people should be hung drawn and quartered,

irene grady says

i just received a euro millions letter saying i had won £225,000,00 and a claim form  asking for my bank details, the letter was headed fanguard security services ltd. obviously i new it was a scam but someone older than myself might get dupped into sending their details to them, just wanted to let people know that these scams are still going. there was no return address on envelope, and it looked like a photo copied stamp on a plain white envelope. the telephone number for those security services was 0207-871-1471 / 0794-331-9780 fax:0207-681-1043. the names and pictures at bottom of letter  are Dr D Mark,  Mr D Martins,  and Prof M Braizer.  So people beware, mine has just gone in shredder  x

Nagesh Rao says

Today 18/10/2011, I received a letter from Euromillion Lottery International, 10 King William Str, London EC4N 7TW, saying I have won 825,000 pounds. They sent me a form to fill in, which required my name and address. The letter instructed me to fax the form to 02075048132 and to contact James Adams, the foreign service manager of Anchor Security Company Tel: 02033184882, for the processing and remittance of the money. 

wayne foulds says

2012 olympic lotto scam... my 78 year old farther got a letter from

london 2012 olympics games lottery... staiting he has won 500k

he filled the form out and look has have it i caught him at sore the form and hid it till i knew it was real or not. found out today by the olypics head office its a scam... they are targeting old people...

numbers and addreses to look out for are

24 chilham house,law street london,se1 4ea

4th floor, 4 prescot street.tower hill. e18rj london


direct line 0777-496-7332

fax 0207-681-1718

will take photos and post up please cheack you elder family to make sure they have not reseved and if they have take them to your nearest police station

Diana Durman-Walters says

Another case of Euro Millions scam.This time they have changed their address to 1 Ropemaker Street London ECN2 HT.Same format with letter through the door with claims you are a winner of a substantial sum of money and has a element of credibility about it. On the date they claim there was a EuroMillion draw was in fact the wrong date that it took place,plus half of the letter is given over to getting you to put your exact personal details in writing to them including,of course, your bank details. Take it outside and burn it.

Alfred Goddard says

11th October 2012

Off we go again. this time the address is10 King William Street EC47TW.  Same format on inferior paper.  

Bobbie Carter says

Hi folks. My 82 yr old Dad received one of these letters from the king William street address EC4N 7TW.  He's normally unscammable being a frugal Yorkshireman! But even he was questioning the validity of this. Fortunately he decided to send to me first and so I googled it And here you all are since 2009 warning about them. Despicable!  The form isn't even asking for any bank info, just personal details.. Oh and those of your next of kin, in case we lose touch!! I stay in a hotel in King William St when I work in London. May go and look for number 10! Really glad I found you... Many thanks!

jon Gibson says

Here we go again same old scam letter received today , 10 Kings william st , telling me i won £825.000 i wish lol... personal details asked for .. How do they get away with it ????.. anyhow put the word out that letters are being sent out again , And dont forget if its to good to be true ITS NOT ... You dont get something for nothing in this world ...

Louise Heaton says

Well, it's a big fat congratulations to me too!~I have also won £825,000 ....Just a pity I won't be contacting them to claim it and lose what few pennies I have in my poorly bank account! 

The letter they address it from also says 10 King William Street, London, EC4N 7TW.  It's more than likely that they will use an a city address to the country of the person they are posting to just as the people who call from India saying they are from Ask Remote Expert. That is also a scam.

If you notice on the form they send with the letter, they ask for details of next of kin. This is so they can reel in more money! If they think they have one sucker, why not have more in the family!? 

Unfortunately there will be a lot of people out there who will fall for this scam. That will be down to being elderly, not having access to a computer to check these people out or being taken in by what they say in the letter~'To avoid identity fraud, or any form of abuse or fraudulent acts of this program, this information must be kept away from the public. This is for your own security and also to safeguard the policy of this lottery programme.'

....And once you have taken a bite of this apple, more of these types of letters will be sent your way. That is how these scammers work.

Catherine Rowan says

Just to advise others who check this site. I have received one of these letters and the address now being used is 1 Churchill Place, London E14. I was also given some bank details to send my processing payment to - before they released my cheque. (of course!) Remember, if you are unsure whether one of these letters is valid or not, you can call their bank to validate whether or not the account is anything to do with the lottery. Just don't send them any money!

Valerie Goodwill says

Received one of these letters this morning, the address on it says 10 King William Street, London, they are obviously moving around.  It is not asking for any bank details YET just a payment processing form to fill in, shame I could have done with eight hundred and twenty five thousand pounds.

H Pawlaczek says

We received a letter similar to the one above, today 24th June 2013.  from a Gordon Smith-President of Euromillion Lottery International at 10 king William Str, London EC4N 7TW. It also had the address Paseo de la Castellana, 16 28004 Madrid Spain.

£825,000 was the prize winnings. "To bigin your claims, please fill in the payment processing form... and send a fax to 0207-022-8768, upon sending the fax, contact JAMES ADAMS the Foreign Service manager of ANCHOR SECURITY COMPANY. TEL: 0207-099-2091."

The form that is ment to be filled in and faxed, if you fall for this con, would contain your full name and address, fax and telephone number, age, occupation, marital status and sex and the con man/woman also want your next of kin's full name and address, with all the above details, age occupation etc. So they get two idendities for the price of one (postage stamp).

Ajaz Ahmad says

I came looking and found these comments about Euro Millions scam letter. Yes I have one too (£500,000) suspected it to be a hoax. Are these people active again? last set of comments are all dated 2009, I recieved the letter today 19 November 2013.. following for reference..

Letter dated 15/11/2013, Euro Millions Lottery International, 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5LN, From Gerald Antonio (Vice President), Refernce also to a Dr. Eric Morgan, Phone number 02070607347.. Shame on our law enforcement if they cant deal with these scammers... 

Karen Baker says

I received one of these letters today saying that I have won £500000.  The address is 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5LN.  Telephone numbers 02076811098, 02070606945 and fax number 02076811098.  It looks like this hoax is back in circulation.  Contact name Dr Paul Maze of UPTON BONDS & SECURITY UK.  I was going to send it to the Police but thanks to everyone's posts that they won't do anything, I will just shred it.


Belinda Morgan says

I recieved a letter today, telling me i had won 900,000.00 on euro millions post code lottery, and they didnt ask me for any bank details, they have sent me another letter saying they cant release the money untill i agree to pay 1% clearence charge, to do this they will pay the 1% and then i will owe them the money. The people signing the letters are Paul Ferguson, and he is the vice president, and the other person is Albert Wilson.please can the lottery not help to get this scammers, or the police get them ......people beware

Alexander Campbell says

My "WIN" was £900,000 , claims to MAGNUS NELSON , apparently foreign service manager of WATERLOO FINANCE and CREDITORS , Tel:0203-000-7992 or 0776-960-8032 or Fax 0203-004-1081.As this is clearly criminal activity ,  I do not understand why Police and Cyber Crime Agency are not interested in following up these low life scammers ??Correction---THIEVES....////

Henry Scott says

Scams are a part of human civilization. As soon as money was invented, someone probably created a way to get it dishonestly. Presently, one of the most susceptible groups is the elderly, who fall victim frequently to fraud artists. How often have you needed addiitional information on where to find a payday loan, and turned to a web site search on reputable payday loan companies. Your search is over, all the information you will need is at MatchFinancial.

Dave Taylor says

This Scam is up again.  I received a letter today from "People's Postcode Lottery"  I've won £225,000.  I have to contact Dr Eric Moore at "Crown Financial Solutions Ltd" to release the funds.  If I do not do so the money will revert to the European Board of Internal Revenue.  So some changes to the earlier ones but still a scam.The address is now in Madrid with a UK office supposedly in Cheshunt.  Google maps cannot seem to find it and Crown Financial Solutions Ltd went bust some years ago.  So watch out for the letters.


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Tell everyone your news

If itís topical in Bute, this is the place for it.

Remember that news doesn't just mean crime and politics Ė a golden wedding, a new baby, or a personal achievement are news to any community.


You need to be logged in to add news & pictures. If you haven't already, it's quick & easy to Sign up.

Sorry, there were some problems with your request

Please check that the email address you are using is the same one that you signed up with. If you have forgotten your password we can send you a reminder.

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